Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Economic Stimulus

My office went to a work-from-home model yesterday.  That's... fine, but it has some economic impact that I really want to chat with HR about.

My home office is okay for occasional use - paying bills, printing mailing labels for the Christmas card list and so on, but 8 hours a day, 5 days a week "until further notice" is a different story.

I can't do that on an IKEA folding chair - my back and my wrists (and my butt) will die. So off to Office Depot last night to buy an office chair with enough adjustments and height to make that work.

Based on yesterday I'll have to put money into updating the internet service or at least running a cable to the spare bedroom - I'm barely pulling 10Mb over in that corner of the house, and VOIP phones, Remote Desktop and video conferencing were not doing so well (especially when the kids get some TV time streaming Disney+ at the same time).

At work I have a pair of 4K monitors. My workflow liked this arrangement. At home I definitely do not have that. We're not allowed to take our gear home from work, even in these circumstances, so that's a problem.

Accommodating my employer's needs is not financially beneficial for me today.

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