Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Motorola announces next revision of the Moto G

... and it's a very mixed bag in my opinion


  • Prices (though unannounced) will probably be reasonable
  • Screen and camera both improve (5.5" is larger than current, but not terrible)
  • Expandable storage via SD card is still there
  • Fingerprint reader if you like such things
  • No longer waterproof.  3rd gen was true IPX7 waterproof.  The new ones are just "splash resistant".
  • 3 separate models adds some fragmentation.  Probably less likely to see rapid software updates.  Probably also going to drive the price-point of the "good one" up quite a bit over the el-cheapo "Play" model.
  • No indication that they've gained the gyroscope/compass that the 3rd gen was lacking.

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